Here is a list of the latest Futsal fixtures planned between October 2020 and January 2021

DateKO TimeOpponentAge
2nd October18.40pmRockleazeU10s
2nd October19.35pmBristol F360U11s
9th October17.45pmWarmleyU9s
9th October18.40pmBristol F360U12s
16th October17.45pmSoccer ShootersU9s
23rd October18.40pmBristol F360U10s
23rd October19.45pmSoccer ShootersU12s
30th October18.40pmRockleazeU10s
30th October19.35pmSoccer ShootersU11s
6th November17.45pmBRIDGE VS BRIDGEU9s
6th November18.40pmBristol F360U11s
13th November17.45pmWarmleyU9s
13th November19.35pmBristol F360U12s
20th November18.40pmBRIDGE VS BRIDGEU10s
27th November18.40pmSoccer ShootersU11s
27th November19.35pmSoccer ShootersU12s
4th December17.45pmSoccer ShootersU9s
18th December17.45pmSoccer ShootersU9s
18th December18.40pmSoccer ShootersU10s
7th January17.45pmSoccer ShootersU9s
7th January18.40pmBristol F360U10s
14th January19.35pmBRIDGE VS BRIDGEU11s / u12s
28th January19.35pmBristol F360U12s