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Bridge Football Academy is a hub for technical excellence in Futsal coaching within Gloucestershire. We support selected players with their development, helping your child to become a creative, intelligent risk taker within Futsal.

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Futsal League Games

Futsal League Games

As part of our commitment to a bigger, tougher and more challenging games programme Bridge Football Academy have agreed to compete within the Bristol Youth Futsal League on Friday evenings. This will be in addition to our regular games programme, and brings the...

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Upcoming Events

Futsal Fixtures Schedule

Here is a list of the latest Futsal fixtures planned between October 2020 and January 2021: DateKO TimeOpponentAge2nd October18.40pmRockleazeU10s2nd October19.35pmBristol F360U11s9th October17.45pmWarmleyU9s9th October18.40pmBristol F360U12s16th October17.45pmSoccer...

About Futsal at Bridge Football Academy

At Bridge Football Academy we work on the basis that all our players should look to ’Dictate, Create & Exploit’ both in possession and out. Our philosophy is essential in the development of our young players, and will equip aspiring young players with the repertoire of skills which is necessary to compete at higher levels of futsal. We will explore this philosophy further with you during our presentation. It is essential players enjoy their futsal for their respective teams and use this as a platform to showcase the technical work they do with us.


We are looking to develop players that can CREATE, DICTATE and EXPLOIT both with the ball and without it.

In Possession
• We want to develop players who can DICTATE possession by moving the ball quickly
• We want to develop players who can CREATE opportunities to play forward
• We want to develop players who can EXPLOIT 1v1s and overloads

Out of Possession
• We want to develop players who will DICTATE where and how the opposition play
• We want to develop players who can CREATE opportunities to steal the ball
• We want to develop players who can EXPLOIT defensive overloads in their favour

Want to Join Bridge Football Academy?

We are always looking for the latest Grassroots talent to join Bridge Football Academy. If you have any questions about our programme, please contact us and we will get in touch with you shortly. Alternatively, you can give us a call or even drop by and visit us – we hope to see you soon!

Walk on’s will not be able to train, all trialists must be registered prior to attending.